Monday, 22 August 2011

Review: Berghaus Chogori Gore-tex Jacket, Womens

I would love for this to be a review of a new Gore-tex Active Shell or Polartec Neoshell jacket, but alas, I am yet to own one...! In the mean time...

Berghaus Chogori Gore-tex Jacket, Womens

This jacket is quickly becoming my new best friend, especially considering the weather we've had here this summer...

Before purchasing this jacket I was a proud owner of the simple but effective Rab eVent Jet Jacket which served me well, from long days multi-pitching in North Wales, to windy days down the beach and wet days in town. 

In my new jacket I was looking for 3 main things:
  • Durable - working and playing in the outdoors I wanted something that was going to stand the test of time, despite rigorous use
  • Breathable - a must for all of us outdoor bods who regularly do stuff that gets us sweaty!
  • Design - an obvious one yes, but a good womens cut is a must for me, which is something Rab consistently do well. And colour - my previous jacket was black and, while ok for town, I was looking for something that would stand out on the hill or crag.
With these things in mind, I spent a good few weeks searching online and on the high street for something that ticked all my boxes while being something I could realistically afford on my student budget.

I eventually narrowed it down to two choices: the Rab Latok and what you see before you, the Berghaus Chogori

So what were the deciding factors?

Well, one major problem was finding a retailer that stocked the Womens Latok in my size (a common UK 12) and colour preference. While I found the Latok Alpine to be easily available, this higher spec jacket was more of a challenge. 

The other deciding factor was the tough choice between eVent and Gore-tex.
While I find eVent to offer exactly what they say on the tin ("let the sweat out") in terms of massively effective breathable clothing, I have also found Gore-tex to offer remarkable durability - I know someone who is still rocking a 10yr old gore-tex jacket with little sign of wear and tear despite it's extensive travels.

Finally, not wanting to spend more than £200, the Berghaus Chogori Gore-tex womens jacket, on offer from LD Mountain Centre (excellent service from these guys), met all my criteria.

So what do I like about my new jacket?
  • It came in at a reasonable £160.99... leaving me some change to blow on more climbing gear!
  • It's in my favourite colour (purple!) and pink, and while not very subtle, this is exactly what a wanted - something obvious to spot when I eventually get lost on the mountain for the first time (... naah, that's not going to happen with my shit hot nav...!).
  • The cut is good for my lady curves...! Allowing enough space for a layering system underneath and giving me freedom of movement, whilst not being too bulky under my climbing harness.
  • The Gore-tex feels really tough, and while only time will tell, it's coped well so far with a few scrambles over barnacle laden rocks on the beach, and such like.
  • I have been able to wear this over just a sports vest on wet evening runs, and not break into a sweat, which is saying something considering how my body usually reacts to running. The pit-zips were great for this.
The Berghaus Chogori is part of their EXTREM range, with Pro-Shell Gore-tex. Other nice features that in my eyes are worth a mention: the helmet compatible hood and the primaloft collar to keep your neck warm - so lovely.

That, my friends, means it ticked all the boxes.

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